Thursday, January 2, 2014

Program #Your #Brian | Sticking to a #Routine

Charles Duhigg has reveled a neurological coding method through his recent blog; "Got a New Year’s Resolution? Here’s how to make it stick!" . Now this is a great way of making yourself stick to a routine and get results. The implementation for this is not only limited to #New-Year resolutions but could also help people with busy schedules and odd routines to cross out an entry on their #To-Do-List; by actually get some things done.

Its like teaching your Kids to do the Right Thing by rewarding them with an extra Bar of #Chocolate or a Pack of #Cookies. Except here we are talking in a broader sense and can use this method on ourselves as well for;
  • Getting a Professional Certification that we have been planning for the last year
  • Loosing those extra pounds from the love handles & Thighs 
It doesn't Matter if you’re a; Busy #House #Wife / #Mother of 3 Kids managing house chores, or a Corporate Executive having travel plans / back-2-back Tasks & meetings. This flow chart will help you unlock a secret of managing your #Personal & #Professional #Lives. 

Do share your comments after adopting this technique!